Welcome to Skyland
United Methodist Church!

Thanks for checking us out! We offer three completely different worship services on Sundays all geared to meet people just where they are! Whether you want to hang back and checkout the view from the back row or are ready to jump in and make some new friends, there are lots of friendly faces ready to help answer any questions or to show you around. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a morning of great music, fellowship and Biblical teachings.




Our Campus Planning Committee is working with a local architectural firm, Clark-Nexsen to undertake a Facilities Assessment and Master Planning effort for SUMC.  We want to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.  There are prompt sheets available in the colonnade for you to take with you, fill out, and return to church via the weekly offering plate or church office.  You may also fill out and submit your responses on-line.  In addition, you may register to attend an input session by completing the information at the bottom of the prompt sheet; meeting dates will be listed on the blue Welcome Card weekly calendar insert.  We look forward to hearing your ideas, visions, and suggestions for our church.

-Jack Harrison, Chair


Making and Using Compost at Home

Thursday May 2, 5:30 – 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall

Decomposition is at least as old as the soil itself. The modern practice of composting is little more that speeding up and intensifying natural processes of biological decomposition of organic wastes. This presentation will focus on how gardeners and other individuals can use simple methods to compost yard, garden and food materials. Composting will be defined and the “Six Rules of Rot” will be discussed including the importance of a critical mass of materials, influence of particle size, carbon and nitrogen sources (compost ingredients), moisture, oxygen and active versus passive compost methods. Worm composting (vermiculture) of kitchen scraps will also be highlighted. The benefits of using compost in the garden, use of compost teas and compost trouble shooting will be explained.

Presenter: Phil Roudebush, Extension Master GardenerSM Volunteer, Instructor in Eco-Gardening Program at the NC Arboretum

Also, B.B. Barns has donated a gift certificate as a raffle prize for those attending!


Information about February 23 UMC Special General Conference

A special session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church takes place February 23 – 26 in St. Louis, MO.  This is an important meeting where decisions will be made about the future of the United Methodist Church as it related to language about human sexuality in our Book of Discipline.  Please be in prayer for this important conference.  Information is available on the roundtable in the colonnade for your benefit.  If you have questions, please contact Rev. Joy Moss (777-5007 or revjoy@bellsouth.net), Diane Rutledge (684-2494) or Betsy Finger (712-3367).


UMC Special General Conference Update: 

Dear Skyland church family,

I imagine most of you are aware of yesterday’s decision by the General Conference to adopt the ‘Traditional  Plan,’ which will continue the current disciplinary language about homosexuality being incompatible with Christian teachings, and strengthen the restrictions against ordaining homosexuals and pastors marrying same-gender couples.

While there are some who might have feelings of relief over this decision, there are many within our congregation who are deeply grieving this decision. This is a difficult time for us as a denomination which has sought to be a world-wide United Methodist Church.

As a Skyland family, as I shared last week in the sermon, I pray that we can find a way forward together that will continue to guide us in our mission. We are called to love all people and I believe that we do this well at Skyland.  I dearly love our church family, as I know so many of you do, and I believe that God will lead us forward together one step at a time, as we continue talking with one another honestly in love.

Let’s all hold one another in our prayers as well as the greater United Methodist Church. And let’s join together on Sunday to worship our God, who loves each of us dearly.

In God’s love and peace,

Rev. Joy Moss



Preaching Schedule–all services
April 28 / Rev. Joy Moss
May 5 / Rev. Ken Buckingham
May 12 / Rev. Joy Moss
May 19 /Rev. Beth Crissman
May 26 /Rev. Brian Combs

Note: The preaching schedule has been planned out for the next several months.  Check the website or Facebook page to stay up to date!





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