Caretakers of God’s Creation Ministry

Our purpose, with God’s guidance as a body of faith, is to engage SUMC in sustainable practices as responsible caretakers of our earth and community, both local and global.

The first verse of Genesis teaches us that God gave us every seed-bearing plant, all the animals of the earth, and all the birds in the sky; God saw that His creation was good and put us in charge of it.

The Caretakers of God’s Creation ministry team at SUMC, with God’s guidance, acts to help guide our congregation in this responsibility. We do this by engaging SUMC in sustainable practices for our facilities, as a body of faith, and as we live in the world. We provide examples, leadership, education, and support for our congregation as we accept responsibility for the gifts God gave us through His creation. And we prayerfully and humbly evaluate our role, our actions, and our impact as individuals and as a congregation.

Our team meets in Aldersgate on the first Sunday of each month immediately after the 10:55 service. Everyone is welcome. For more questions or more information contact Janet Mitchell at